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I think its the trend these days to write like that, I see it on fb all the time :). It almost gives the effect of writing in all caps without being rude and it looks kinda cool too :).

Anyway -  seriously make this. The only reason not to make this is if you’re allergic to nuts, in that case stay far, far away.

For those of you who are new to baklava, this is a very popular Middle Eastern/Greek dessert made out of phyllo dough and nuts with a honey coating.


1. I use mainly pistachios (approx 10 oz) and then either pecans or walnuts (6oz). This totals to 16oz = 1lb.
2. I use 3/4 cups of butter instead of 1 cup.

1. Use Apollo phyllo dough. I’ve found that this one works best - it keeps the baklava crispy. I’ve tried a few others and they tend to get soggy. You can get this from any Indian/Pakistani/Mediterranean grocery store, sometimes it’s also available at HEB or your local grocery store.
2. When you go to the link for the recipe, read the first review and follow those shortcuts.

Rating: 5/5
I will make this recipe as long as I live!

Level: Intermediate/Advanced
The prep is time consuming plus it’ll take a couple times to get the “butter painting” correct.

Time needed: 2 hours - 1 hour prep, 1 hour cooking



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